Donation & Transplantation

In 2017 we served a record number of organ donor families and a near-record number of tissue donor families.

42,600+ Tissue 61 Hearts 133 Livers 286 Kidneys 2 Intestines 82 Lungs 22 Pancreas
586 Organ Transplants
and an estimated
42,600+ Tissue Transplants

In 2017, we served 677 donors, a 3% increase over 2016

184 organ donors and
568 eye and tissue donors*

64% of adults in our region say “yes” to donation — well above the national average of 54%. And just one person’s generous gift of donation can heal up to 75 lives.

Still, over 3,400 people continue to wait for a lifesaving transplant in our region. Our mission to save lives and offer hope and healing is as important as ever.

* Some donors gave the gift of both organs and eyes or tissue, which means the number of organ, eye and tissue donors adds up to a sum greater than the total number of LifeSource donors.

These partnerships enabled 184 organ donors to save the lives of 586 people through organ donation, and 568 eye and tissue donations to heal over 42,600 lives in 2017.

That's the second-largest geographic service area in the nation,
nearly 235,000 square miles.

That's 64% of adults in our region who have said "yes" to donation.

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