• everyone said yes to donation
  • there was no transplant waiting list
  • every community was equally engaged
  • each year was as impactful as 2016

Answering “If”

From our CEO and Board Chair

At the Heart of Our Mission Lies a Central Challenge: “What If?”

We commit to setting the bar higher. We push to going further. We work toward making “if” a reality.

In 2016, our spirit pushed us further. A few of our proudest moments include:

  • Recording our most impactful year in the past decade, with a resounding 587 lives saved through organ donation.
  • Marking a record-breaking 63% donor designation rate in registries in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • Facilitating Mayo Clinic’s first face transplant from donor Calen “Rudy” Ross, giving another young man a second chance at life.

We dedicate every one of our accomplishments to the donors whose selfless gifts provide renewed hope and life. If they had not made the generous decision to help those awaiting transplants, our work would be impossible.

To our generous contributors, we thank you deeply. Every contribution represents a vote of confidence in our mission and our resolve to achieve our goals. Your commitment helped us work with 179 organ donors and their families to save the lives of 587 people through organ donation. It also helped us to facilitate 557 eye and tissue donations which could save and heal over 47,000 lives or more.

As we look toward next year, we’re reminded of the nearly 3,400 people still waiting for a lifesaving transplant in the Upper Midwest. As we continue to increase donor designation, research tomorrow’s technology and support the families of donors, we strive to answer “If” with “Life.”

Susan Gunderson, CEO, and Bruce King, Board Chair, stand together at LifeSource headquarters.

Susan Gunderson


Bruce King

Chair, Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

A Very Special Gift

In an incredible advancement of science and technology, Calen “Rudy” Ross generously became the first face transplant donor in our region.

Read more about Rudy, with links to his recipient's story, surgery, and recovery process »

2016 Snapshot

2016 Donation Statistics: 47,000+ Tissue 65 Hearts 65 Livers 200 Kidneys 1 Craniofacial 1 Intestines 83 Lungs 28 Pancreas

587 Organ Transplants and 47,000+ Tissue Transplants

Impact Report

A Year of
Pushing Further

Simply put, 2016 was our most impactful year in the past decade.

We saved more lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. More adults in our region said “yes” to donation. And more patients qualified for donation at the time of tragedy, selflessly giving the gift of life to another.

Up to 75 lives may be healed by one person’s generous gift, and more than 3,400 people in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Western Wisconsin continue to wait for a lifesaving transplant. Our successes of 2016 push us further on our mission to serve grieving families and to save and heal lives.

2016 Transplant Programs

These partnerships enabled 179 organ donors to save the lives of 587 people through organ donation, and 557 eye and tissue donations to heal over 47,000 lives.

Remarkable Achievements, Ambitious Goals

Calen "Rudy" Ross gave one man his life back through LifeSource's first face transplant.
2016 Achievement

We Facilitated Minnesota’s First Face Transplant

In June, we partnered with Mayo Clinic on a VCA program (Vascularized Composite Allograft) to meet the needs of a patient waiting for a face transplant. With the support of his family and our partners at Sanford USD Medical Center and Mayo Clinic, donor Calen “Rudy” Ross generously gave one man his life back.

2017 Goal

We’ll Expand Donation Services

An ongoing effort, we will expand our organ, eye and tissue donation services. These range from exciting advances in medical technology, like the VCA program and training labs that simulate donation experiences, to providing services and support for grieving families.

A simulation exercise taking place in LifeSource's re-envisioned clinical space.
2016 Achievement

We Increased Tissue Donation

Tissue donation increased by 21% in 2016, resulting in more than 41,000 lives potentially healed and saved through these precious grafts. We completed nearly half of all tissue recoveries at our River Road Headquarters, increasing efficiency, effectiveness and service to donor families and partners.

2017 Goal

We'll Expand Use of Our Clinical Space

We’re re-envisioning how we use our clinical space, including developing a program for in-house simulation labs. The SIM labs enable clinicians and donor services personnel to experience simulated donation experiences in a highly realistic clinical setting.

2016 Achievement

We Extended Our Gallery of Hope

We added more donor and recipient stories to our Gallery of Hope and built a lobby display at our River Road Headquarters to showcase these inspiring tribute stories shared by donor families, living donors and transplant recipients.

2017 Goal

We’ll Increase Gallery of Hope Participation

We will gather even more inspiring stories from those touched by donation and transplantation. Gallery of Hope stories, contributed by families and friends, help us to further share the message of hope and healing. We’d be honored if you’d make time to share your own story.

LifeSource Donate Life lapel pins at a donor family event in Minneapolis
2016 Achievement

We Engaged the Native American Community in the Mission of Donation

With the generous support of a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health, we began a project to increase much-needed support for donation in the Native American community in partnership with Hennepin County Medical Center.

2017 Goal

We’ll Grow Multicultural Engagement

To sustain and grow the rate of organ donation, we will further multicultural engagement in communities throughout our region. People of all communities, regardless of background, are increasingly understanding the generosity and selflessness of donation.

A DVS examiner participates in an event at LifeSource headquarters.
2016 Achievement

We Launched e-Learning Capabilities

We launched e-learning capabilities to train driver’s license professionals throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. In addition, we hosted 21 donation-related events at our headquarters for groups like driver’s license professionals.

2017 Goal

We’ll Expand Donor Registration

We’re working with the DNR so that hunters and fishermen will have the option to register to be a donor when they renew their licenses online. Because these licenses are renewed annually, this opportunity offers more frequent reminders of the importance of saying “yes” to donation.

LifeSource Spark Donate Life Symposium for healthcare and end-of-life professionals
2016 Achievement

We Expanded Donation Services

We expanded donation services to include eye donation in North Dakota, in partnership with Minnesota Lions Eye Bank. The eye bank obtains, medically evaluates and distributes over 1,000 donor eyes annually, ensuring that as many people as possible receive the gift of sight.

2017 Goal

We’ll Strengthen Donation Programs

At our bi-annual Donate Life Symposium, Spark, we will educate and inspire hundreds of healthcare and end-of-life professionals. The symposium, on October 25–26, 2017, is held every other year in the Twin Cities. It includes an open house at our headquarters, a Donate Life Flag Raising at the conference, and a full day of educational events designed to strengthen organ, eye and tissue donation programs.

Making an Impact

In Native American culture, where organ and tissue donation isn‘t traditionally accepted, Trinidad Flores was a leader.

Read more about this inspiring recipient-turned-donor from the Little Earth community »

Community Events

A busy year all across our region

2016 LifeSource Golf Classic in Memory of Terri Opp
Annual Fundraiser

21st Annual Golf Classic

Our single largest fundraiser of the year, the 21st annual Golf Classic in Memory of Terri Opp raised $167,500. Since 1995 the Golf Classic has raised $1.72 million in support of community education to increase the number of people registered as donors and our donor family services. Our 22nd annual Golf Classic will be held on September 18, 2017 at Majestic Oaks Golf Club.

LifeSource Donor Memorial Wall Rededication Ceremony
Community Event

Donor Memorial Wall Rededication

On September 17, donor families, transplant recipients and members of our community gathered to rededicate our Donor Memorial Wall in our Healing Garden. At the event, we unveiled new Garden Bench and Memorial Wall inscriptions, just some of the legacy opportunities we have available to donor families.

LifeSource Gift of Life Tree for Christmas at the Capitol in South Dakota
Community Event

Christmas at the Capitol

We joined South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and First Lady Linda Daugaard in celebrating the holiday season at the 36th annual Christmas at the Capitol. Our Gift of Life tree was among nearly 90 other trees decorated by businesses, nonprofit organizations, communities, and government offices throughout the state on display in the capitol in Pierre.

Team LifeSource participating in National Blue and Green Day
Community Event

Donate Life Blue and Green Day

Community members across our 3 states participated in National Donate Life Blue and Green Day on April 15th. During this day, the public is encouraged to wear blue and green, hold fundraisers, and partner with community organizations to promote awareness of organ, eye, and tissue transplantation and the need for registered donors. This year, Blue and Green Day is Friday, April 21st.

Say "Yes" to donation
Community Event

DMV Appreciation Week

We participated in DMV Appreciation Week in September, sharing some of the stories of those who help save lives every day by advocating for donation. Driver’s license offices throughout our region support our mission of donation and play an important role in spreading the message that anyone can register.

South Dakota Governor Dennis Gaugaard with a donor family at the LifeSource Donor Recognition Ceremony
Community Event

Donor Family Recognition Ceremony

In May, we joined South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and First Lady Linda Daugaard along with donor families for a special Donor Family Recognition Ceremony. A continuation of a 14-year tradition of state leaders in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota, the luncheon recognizes donor families and their loved one’s gifts of donation.

Community Event

Donation-Related Events

At our River Road Headquarters we hosted 21 events, lectures, and meetings related to donation. Here, Minnesota drivers license professionals participate in a training workshop in our Mississippi Room to help them better understand and advocate for donation registration.

LifeSource Donate Life green bracelets at a donor family event in Minneapolis
Community Event

Native American Outreach

We began implementing a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health to increase support for donation in the Native American community in the state. This grant is in partnership with Hennepin County Medical Center, and all of the transplant centers in Minnesota are participating as part of a Transplant Center Advisory Council. Our activities have laid the groundwork for implementing a sustainable campaign with this important community in 2017.

Donor Family Workshop at LifeSource headquarters
Community Event

Donor Family Workshops

Donor Family Workshops expanded our support services for the families we serve. New in 2016, we held two workshops at our River Road Headquarters to help families who were interested in completing legacy opportunities in honor of their loved ones. One workshop, pictured here, was focused on creating a quilt square for our Donor Family Quilt. The other workshop focused on helping interested families create a Gallery of Hope tribute for their loved one.

That's 63% of adults in our region who have said "yes" to donation.

2016 Financial Summary

Growth Through Careful Stewardship

Support & Revenue: $0

Operating Expenses: $0

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

12/31/2015 12/31/2016
Cash and short term investments $6,251,686.00 $6,134,273.00
Accounts receivable $7,750,012.00 $6,964,869.00
Other current assets $654,663.00 $977,051.00
Builidng, land and equipment net $18,888,878.00 $18,252,671.00
Long-term investments $10,258,828.00 $16,827,519.00
Total assets $43,804,067.00 $49,156,383.00
12/31/2015 12/31/2016
Accounts payable and other liabilities $5,386,519.00 $5,875,534.00
Long-term capital bonding $11,993,795.00 $11,653,775.00
Unrestricted net assets $26,285,753.00 $31,627,074.00
Temporarily Restricted Assets, net $138,000.00 $-
Total liabilities and net assets $43,804,067.00 $49,156,383.00
Charities Review Council Meets Standards logo

The Meets Standards® seal from the Charities Review Council is a visual marker of nonprofit dedication to practices that go beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We are proud to have received this distinction once again for demonstrating a balance of promising practices, public expectations and community impact.

An Overwhelming Moment

Jay Beyer-Kropuenske, a kidney and liver recipient, met his donor family for the first time at our Donor Memorial Wall dedication ceremony.

Learn more about Jay and this touching, chance meeting »

Giving in 2016

We graciously thank the financial contributors who help us save lives and offer hope and healing. Money raised supports public education about organ, eye and tissue donation so that more people in our communities say "yes" to donation.


in Total Contributions

We Gained

Grant Support

from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation for a project that developed e-learning for our driver's license partners.

We Added

89 Names

to the Donor Memorial Wall in the Healing Garden at our River Road Headquarters. Everyone is invited to stop by and experience this moving tribute to our region's donors.

Contributions Totalled


from events hosted by families and friends of donors and recipients in support of LifeSource programs.

We Raised


at our 21st Annual Golf Classic in Memory of Terry Opp, which included a silent auction and a wine pull for a record-breaking event.

Give to the Max Day Raised

Over $13,000

in November, thanks to generous contributors and a matching gift from Bolander & Sons.

LifeSource Annual Fundraiser in memory of Kaitlyn Berg
Get Involved

Ways That You Can Contribute

There are many ways you can support LifeSource. Whether you make a financial contribution in memory of a friend or loved one, include LifeSource in your estate planning or attend a fundraising event, we recognize these gifts and steward them in service of our mission to offer hope and healing through excellence in organ and tissue donation.

Your support helps sustain our programs to increase donor designation and support families of organ, eye and tissue donors.

For more information about making a charitable contribution, please email Kristin Rigg.

That's the second-largest service area in the nation, nearly 235,000 square miles.

2016 Contributors

We are Grateful for Your Support of Our Mission

We graciously thank the financial contributors who help us save lives and offer hope and healing.

Money raised supports public education about organ, eye and tissue donation so that more people in our communities say “yes” to donation. These individuals and organizations generously helped us further our mission to save lives and offer hope and healing through excellence in organ and tissue donation.

Join Us


  • Aviation Charter, Inc


$15,000 – $49,999
  • Carl Bolander & Sons
  • Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
  • Organ Recovery Systems
  • Sanford Health


$5,000 – $14,999
  • 3M Foundation
  • Allina Health System
  • The Ament Group at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Anonymous
  • Bremer Insurance
  • Charter First
  • Paul Mellblom & Peter Farstad
  • Greiner Construction
  • Dan Raether & Susan Gunderson
  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Highland Bank
  • John Nasseff & Helene Houle
  • Linda Houle
  • Minnesota Lions Eye Bank
  • Promethera
  • RTI Donor Services
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
  • UnitedHealth Group


$2,500 – $4,999
  • AiTech
  • Anonymous
  • Randall & Marcia Betcher
  • Tim & Bonnie Bjork
  • Lapekas & Associates
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Adam McCloud Foundation
  • Sheila Mismash
  • Shelley & Bob Shutes
  • Rebeka Tolle


$1,000 – $2,499
  • Abbott Northwestern Hospital
  • Anonymous
  • Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Avtex
  • Best & Flanagan
  • Blytheco
  • Jay & Ann Boekhoff
  • Carey Worldwide Chauffeured Services
  • Leonard & Linda Caruthers
  • Chive On North Dakota
  • Sara & Wayne Criger
  • First Fiduciary Investment Counsel
  • Bob & Gayle Garrison
  • GEORGE: Purpose, People, Performance, Ltd.
  • IIAM
  • Iron Warriors MC
  • Lapekas & Associates
  • Susan M. & Daniel Larson
  • Law School Admission Council
  • LifeChoice Donor Services Inc.
  • LifeNet Health
  • Brenda Lodin
  • Maureen Swan The MedTrend Group
  • Paul Vahle & Sara Meslow
  • Mid-America Transplant
  • Jason & Kristin Narverud
  • Tawnee Nasseff
  • New England Organ Bank
  • New York Life
  • Olympia Tech
  • REBS Marketing
  • Recycle Yourself 5K
  • RSM US
  • RSP Architects
  • Schadegg Mechanical
  • Hans & Karen Siefker
  • Signature Flight Support
  • Stablish Foundation, FBO John A. & Karen J. Meslow
  • Stinson Leonard Street
  • Sullivan Cotter & Associates Inc.
  • Paul R. Sween
  • Thompson Insurance Agency
  • Venture Bank
  • Wings Insurance Agency
  • Patty & Joe Wirth


$500 – $999
  • Aminah Amatullah & Nehrwrodrbote Abdul-Wahid
  • Judith Aberg
  • All City Cab
  • Scott & Jennifer Anderson
  • Anonymous
  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 2016
  • Carver Aero
  • Carole Ann & Duane Dahlberg
  • Dr. Frazier & Heidi Eales
  • Richard & Lisa Erickson
  • Steve Erickson
  • David Ericson
  • Beth Foot
  • Genentech Inc.
  • Wallace & Zondra Gunnink
  • Hon. Dale Sandstrom & Hon. Gail Hagerty
  • Heartland Aviation
  • Don Holmes
  • Deene & Shirley Horn
  • Kathy Jolly
  • KapStone Container Corporation
  • Jeffrey Kemink
  • Dan Mabley
  • Michael Meyer & Kate Mahigan
  • Max's
  • Jerry Molacek
  • Denise & Tracy Northup
  • Brian & Carole Olson
  • Sara Olson
  • James Ousley
  • Tim & Susan Palmer
  • Dr. William & Suzanne Payne
  • William & Susan Ramsey
  • Jim Ronald & Kristin Rigg
  • Dean & Kathleen Rogers
  • Scandia Marine Lions Club
  • Tim & Beth Sullivan
  • Paula Tuttle
  • Robert & Sherry Wechsler
  • Wells Fargo
  • Mary & Dave Wold
  • Douglas & Connie Wylie
  • Julie Zabloski

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Aviation Charter
  • Cute Fox Studios
  • Pete & Marilyn Hegg
  • Georgine Madden
  • Parameters
  • Barby Selden

Partners in Fundraising

Friends and Family of
  • Scott Houle
  • Adam McCloud
  • Officer Jason Moszer
  • Chelsey Nielson
  • Terri Opp
  • Pete Strand III
  • Team MN/DAK
  • Kevin Theurer
  • Rebeka Tolle
  • Tyler Torstenson


Up to $500
  • Robin Ackerland
  • Christine Aerts
  • AgCountry Farm Credit Services
  • Alina Ainza
  • Aladdin Villas
  • Amazon Smile Foundation
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • AmTech Ingredients
  • Leon & Karen Andersen
  • Brenda J. R. Anderson
  • Donna Anderson
  • Douglas Anderson
  • Joel Anderson
  • Julie Anderson
  • Lilas & Gary Anderson
  • Thomas & Rebecca Anderson
  • Wendy Anderson
  • Frank Andreotti
  • Anonymous (7)
  • Alain Assaf
  • Allan & Joan Bahm
  • Ann Bahm
  • Bethany Bakker
  • Bank of America
  • Bonnie Barnhardt
  • Ramona & Martin Barrett
  • Oriana Beaudet
  • Tobe Becker
  • Marissa Begley
  • Mary Begley
  • Laurie Behr
  • Jeff Berg
  • Jim Berg
  • Richard & Patricia Berg
  • Steve Berg
  • Nina & Donald Berk
  • Darrell & Barb Bertelson
  • Best Buy
  • Vicki Bill
  • Jason Bjork
  • Dorle & Jim Blackwell
  • Mark Schultz & Marilyn Blake
  • Emmanuel & Madeleine Blanc
  • Eugene & Marlene Blommel
  • Jane Bloom
  • Blueprint Team
  • Michael Boese
  • Kathleen & Paul Boesen
  • Gary Borg
  • Kathy Boschee
  • Naomi Bowman
  • Eve Brandel
  • Sue Brandt
  • Samara Breger
  • Craig Broman
  • Alice Bruce
  • Kathleen Brundage
  • Robert Bruner
  • Ross Brunfelt
  • Bracy Byers
  • Joseph & Margaret Callan
  • Jeff Callinan
  • Eric Carda
  • Bill Carlson
  • Sheryl Carlson
  • Vickie & Charles Carlson
  • Timothy Carney
  • Cass County Electric Cooperative
  • CGDS Family Foundation
  • Sandra Charton
  • Audrey Chelberg
  • Coy & Barbara Chelgren
  • Andrew Chelseth
  • Janet Christenson
  • Paul Cimmerer
  • Patrick Cline
  • Kristie Clobes
  • Sarah Coe
  • Dan Cherryhomes & Patricia Collins
  • Community Health Charities
  • Community Shares of Minnesota
  • Continental Western Group
  • Jan Cook
  • Audrey Costello
  • Andrea Craig
  • Ardene & Kent Cross
  • Jeffrey Daggit
  • Randall Dallman
  • Betty Damisch
  • Robert Daniels
  • Alisyn Davis
  • Maureen Davis
  • Sandra Davis
  • Tamara Davis
  • Bill & Christine Dean
  • Tara DeCock
  • Lorraine Bucheger & John DeGrood
  • Anne & Bob Dickerman Trust
  • Molly Dinneen
  • Kathleen Scopp-Distler
  • Cathy Dobson
  • Pat & Tom Dobson
  • Patricia & Michael Donahue
  • Anita & Jeremy Drentlaw
  • Christine Duffy
  • Roger Durensky
  • Lee Duvall
  • Phyllis R Edelman
  • Eide Bailly
  • EleVia Software
  • Mark Ellens
  • Millie & Duane Ellertson
  • Dennis & Grace Emmert
  • Betty Ann Engelmann
  • David Epstein
  • Cynthia & Steven Erickson
  • Patty Erickson
  • Amy Faber
  • M. Fahey
  • Farm Service Agency
  • Farmers Group Inc.
  • Nicole Feist
  • Dean Fessenden
  • Drew Fineberg
  • Cherie Finneman
  • Jodi Finstad
  • Dale & Arleen Folger
  • Bradley & Brenda Fong
  • Lynne Forbes
  • Carol Jo Forneis
  • Sanra & David Forsman
  • Jennifer Foster
  • Connie Francis
  • Amanda Frandsen
  • Susan Frankel
  • Diane Fraser
  • John Frautschi
  • Robin Freedberg
  • David Freedman
  • Jonah Freedman
  • Barbara Freidman
  • Kevin & Rebecca Fruechte
  • Frush Family Foundation
  • Connie Fryman
  • Tom & Lynn Fuller
  • Sylvia Galbrecht
  • George Galleberg
  • Pamela Garde
  • Helen Garrity
  • Stephen & Catherine Garvey
  • Gary Gates
  • Vicki Gatter
  • Linda Geldert
  • Ellen & Paul Getreu
  • Corinne Kahn Ghelber
  • Lisa Gillund
  • Denis Grande
  • Tom Griffin
  • Dan & Courtney Grimsrud
  • Glenda Gross
  • Clifford Guggisberg
  • Mike Guilday
  • Tom & Deb Gustafson
  • Troy & Annie Haag
  • Graves & Company LTD Hagen
  • Dan Hames
  • Jean Hanson
  • Mari Harris
  • Tiffany Harris
  • Guilford Hartley
  • Elizabeth Hauge
  • Peggy Hayes
  • Heartland Orthopedic Specialists
  • Florence & Carter Hedeen
  • Paula Hedlund
  • Marlys Hegstrom
  • Linda Heiselman
  • Cindy Gackle & Randy Helland
  • Nancy Hemmingsen
  • Joyce Hennes
  • Helen Hennessy
  • Vicki Henry
  • Bonnie Hermann
  • Jan Hier
  • Roger & Janice Hill
  • Nick Hillman
  • Stephen & Leslie Hite
  • Steven & Geri Hoag
  • Rose Hockett
  • James & Nancy Holum
  • The Honey Baked Ham Company
  • Frank & Sam Hopp
  • Mary (Jean) Hopp
  • Pamela Hort
  • Jeanine Houglum
  • William & Susannah Huffstutler
  • Lauren Hughes
  • Ideacom Mid-America/CMA
  • iSpace Environments, Inc.
  • Sally Jacobson
  • Gregg Jensen
  • Cathy Jeske
  • Lorie Dankers & Jeff Johnson
  • Nancy Johnson
  • Rose A. Johnson
  • Ryan & Nancy Johnson
  • Stephanie Johnson
  • Andrew Jolly
  • Shirley & Rod Jonas
  • Brenda Jones
  • Janet Jones
  • Daniel & Joanne Jorgenson
  • Nicole Jung
  • Ember Reichgott Junge
  • Don & Pat Kalscheuer
  • Richard Kasel
  • Paul Kassel
  • Julie Kaufmann
  • Stephen & Lauren Kavan
  • Jessica Kazemba
  • Karen & Kevin Keener
  • Howard B. Kehlenbeck
  • Jasmine & Joel Kennedy
  • Cheryl Keogh
  • Mary Kes
  • Bruce King
  • Konnie Klipfel-Wightman
  • Mary Knoll
  • Elisa Knudson
  • Kurt Koehler
  • Robert & Susan Koehs
  • Iris Korman
  • Anne Kostreba
  • Ann Koterba
  • Krafka Family Partnership
  • Karen Krafka
  • Brian & Jacqueline Krech
  • Ann Krzmarzick
  • Craig & Ginny Kuberski
  • Carla Kuehn
  • David & Ann Langer
  • Charla Langworthy
  • Jan Large
  • Gregory & Cynthia Larson
  • Kayla Larson
  • Bill & Marie Lawrence
  • Ruth & Roy Lecy
  • Patricia & Hugo Leiter
  • Kathryn Lichtenberg
  • Shirley & Edward Lieffring
  • Connie Lindberg
  • Phil Liptac
  • Ann Lovdahl
  • Love Mediation Services
  • Judie Lucchesi
  • Randal & Vicki Moss Luhrsen
  • Richard & Donna Lundborg
  • Theresa A. Lushine
  • Alan Maas
  • Gretchen Mahigan
  • Mary Mahoney
  • Gary Mainor
  • Susan Marchione
  • Mark Jerome Construction Inc.
  • Janet Martel
  • Robin & Jeffrey Martin
  • Maslon LLC
  • Edwin & Claudette May
  • Sandy & Lloyd Maydole
  • Maryon McCalla
  • Karen & Steve McCann
  • Kelly McColley
  • Christina McCoy
  • Cindy McDonald
  • Kelly McDyre
  • Cynthia McGrath
  • Katie McKee
  • Nancy McKellar
  • Ella McKenna
  • Judy & Ron McMahon
  • Sid & Judith McMurray
  • Suzy Meitz
  • Mary Melbo
  • William Merritt
  • Michael Meyer
  • TaSheena Meyer
  • Cindy Michalak
  • Scott & Barbara Mika
  • Andrew Naber & Dora Miller
  • Doris Miller
  • Melinda Miller
  • Kathi Mintzer
  • David & Stacie Mitchell
  • Loretta Mlekoday
  • Michael Moeller
  • Mary Beth Mohn
  • Thomas Murashie
  • Maureen Murphy
  • Bernard & Susan Nachazel
  • Steve Nasseff
  • Patti Neavin
  • Brock Nelson
  • Joel Nelson
  • Kristi & William Nelson
  • Mary Ann Neuman
  • New Market Bank
  • Joel Newby
  • Newport Group
  • Kevin Nickelson
  • Byron & Theresa Nielson
  • Marilyn Nisbet
  • Karl & Lori Nordling
  • Mark Nyman
  • Paul O'Connor
  • Tim O'Donnell
  • Amanda Olson
  • Chad Olson
  • Thomas Olson
  • OneHope Foundation
  • Jim & Marilyn Opp
  • Lila O'Rourke
  • Wanda Ostlund
  • Lana & Ervin Ott
  • Nick & Rebecca Ousley
  • Lorin Pankratz
  • Hannah Parker
  • Robert & Janis Parker
  • Ray & Ellen Pasch
  • Eric & JoAnn Pasternack
  • Pearson VUE
  • Douglas & Nancy Pemberton
  • Larry & Sharon Peterson
  • Marty Peterson
  • Verle & Sandra Peterson
  • Pfizer Foundation
  • Keith & Sara Pic
  • Julie Piepho
  • Irvin Pierskalla
  • Laura Pietruszewski
  • Michael & Natalie Pilon
  • Katherine & Mark Pitman
  • Evelyn Placek
  • Dwight & Dixie Powell
  • Mary Jo Powers
  • Matthew Poyiadgi
  • Shirley Preda
  • Peter & Mary Prestrud
  • Pat Priebe
  • Robyn Prudhomme
  • Dean Psyhogios
  • Punch & Associates Investment Management
  • Mary Rada
  • Karen & Jason Ramola
  • Becky Ramsey
  • Raun Rasmussen
  • Tristie Rasmussen
  • Barbara Regal
  • Beth R. Reich
  • Lynn Repke
  • Joyce & Robert Richard
  • Lonny Richels
  • Scott & Jackie Rigby
  • Nancy Gaschott & Mark Ritchie
  • Martha & Keith Robertson
  • Brian Robideaux
  • Sandra Rockholt
  • Meg & Joe Rogers
  • Bruce & Carol Rorem
  • Gail Rosenberg
  • Jill Ross
  • Mary Jo Rowe
  • Wayne & Pam Rud
  • Ron Russell
  • Robert Rutscher
  • Anna Ryan
  • Mark Ryan
  • Tom & Nancy Saburn
  • Sagent Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Wilson & Barb Salter
  • Melanie & David Samuels
  • Teresa Sanders
  • Chris & John Schiltz
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  • Erin Scott
  • SDRE Managers Association
  • Denny & Carol Seefeldt
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  • Chris & Marie Sherrard
  • Bonnie Shoebottom
  • Gerry Kuntz & Marsha Shotley
  • Connie & Jeff Siebers
  • Alan & Kristi Sienknecht
  • Pauline Sienknecht
  • Michael Sill
  • Sarene Silver
  • Brenda Skare
  • Eugene & Lois Slaba
  • Natalie Slack
  • Heidi & Chris Smith
  • Susan Smith
  • Joann O'Leary & John Sommerville
  • South Central A.B.A.T.E.
  • Emilia Spalding
  • Dawn Spencer
  • Gina Spencer
  • Sue Sperber
  • Greg Sperl
  • Ellen St. Sauver
  • Kay Stalcar
  • Joan Stamler
  • Michelle Starck
  • Janis & Bob Steblay
  • Janelle Steiner
  • Yvonne Stelberg
  • Susan Stewart
  • Joseph Stinson
  • Mary Stoick
  • Lee & Deanne Stokes
  • Mark & Jaime Stokes
  • Kellie Strand
  • Marcy Strauss
  • Kathy Strehlow
  • Zachary Stutzman
  • Margaret Suerth
  • Gerald & Eileen Sweep
  • Anika Swensen
  • Rosemary Swidorski
  • Patrice Taber
  • Temple Beth Shalom
  • Jan & Sandra Thimmesch
  • Susan Thomsen
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Richard & Teri Thornberry
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Mary Thrond
  • Karyn Tolle
  • Robert Tolman
  • Peggy & Duwayne Tommeraus
  • Tennille Torstenson
  • Keith & Joy Tufte
  • United Way - Chicago
  • US Bank
  • Suki Patterson & Linda Vallie
  • Marie Van Kleek
  • Lori Van Zee
  • Cindy Vannelli
  • Mary Vaske
  • John Venables
  • Tim Verschaetse
  • Angelique Verver
  • Lucille Virzi
  • Betty & Ron Wagner
  • Jonathan Wainberg
  • Thomas Walrath
  • Devon Wamsley
  • Stephen & Diane Wander
  • Laurie & Russell Waring
  • Dale Weber
  • Ethel Weber
  • Karla & John Weber
  • Lawrence & Judith Weber
  • Sue & Curt Weese
  • Charles Weidner
  • Bob & Emily Weiher
  • Rose & Raymond Welter
  • Laura Wenande
  • Cary & Cathy Wencil
  • Laura & B.J. Weness
  • Whalen Law Office
  • Katie White
  • Corinne Wichser
  • Jakob Williams
  • Jim & Elena Williams
  • Morgan Williams
  • Diana Wilson
  • Theresa Wilson
  • Stephen Withrow
  • Wendy Woessner
  • Duane Wolff
  • Xcel Energy Foundation
  • Tony & Pricilla Yang
  • Yoga Vida LLC
  • Heather Young
  • Sam & Ellen Young
  • YYES
  • Bosheng (Charles) Zhao
  • Mary Zilka
  • Angie Zimmer
  • Emmett Zweber

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