We Are… #TheNext30

From Our CEO & Board Chair

This year marks our 30th year of operations, so let's start our community impact report by looking ahead.

That’s right. The next 30 years of LifeSource are incredibly promising. Which isn’t to say that the last 30 years haven’t been exciting and wonderful—they have. As a community, though, we have a responsibility to continually look ahead.

Which certainly isn’t to forget the occasions, milestones, and—yes—tragedies that have galvanized us. But we also have to raise our chins, face into the wind and ask, “What’s next?”

In our work, we never have the privilege of knowing the incredible donors whose gifts we steward. But we get to know them through their families and friends. And we’re together with them in the days, weeks, years ahead. We are…

…Challenged. That’s the best way to describe our work, every day. But hearing from families whose lives have been immeasurably changed through donation keeps us inspired. Donor families who have found peace and strength to move ahead. And grateful recipients and their families. We’re working, every day, to help the nearly 3,300 people in the Upper Midwest in need of a lifesaving transplant. We are…

…Fortunate. Our financial and in-kind contributors help us move ahead. Just glance at the extensive list of people and organizations that gave money, time and resources to ensure that LifeSource can work towards its mission. We’re deeply appreciative of all that they bring. We are…

…Looking ahead. On behalf of our Board of Directors, we look forward to serving this community for #TheNext30. Imagine everything we’ll be able to accomplish… We are!

Susan Gunderson, CEO of LifeSource

Susan Gunderson

Sara Criger, Board Chair of LifeSource

Sara Criger

Chair, Board of Directors

Here's a few things our team hopes for in the next 30 years:

Board of Directors

LifeSource is governed by a board of directors comprised of medical professionals, transplant recipients, donor family members and community representatives.

In bringing these committed individuals together, we incorporate a variety of viewpoints into the decision-making process, leading to a strong, forward-looking direction.

Clinical Policy Board


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